Aug 20 2014

5 small tips before you start at CSUDH

5. Parking.. will be horrible..

I think that is the best word I could use. The first two week of school are going to be pretty horrible for parking for basically a couple of reasons. 1. We are not  a huge school therefore space is limited when it comes to parking so a suggestion get there 1-1.5 hours beforehand for parking alone. Plus if you live kinda far, add 30 minutes for driving time. 2) People are trying to get the best spots even though their class will most than likely end after no more than hour. It honestly depends on your major. 3) PARKING IS FREE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1ST!

4. Expect a lot of people to CRASH

Even though they do have a new process of eliminating almost the entire crash process. There are still going to be some people who will want to crash the class. If you are freshmen reading this, you may not understand what the term crash means. What it entails is that a person who is not enrolled nor waitlisted is trying to get into the class. It is a bit of dangerous thing especially when doing more than 1 class because most teachers will turn you away and say well you will have to wait until next week when I can officially Drop people. Also the terms Drop  means the teacher will essentially drop the student form the class, they are permanently erased in a sense. As well Waitlisted  means that you are on a list where if a person drops the class for whatever reason, you have a higher chance of getting in. Make sure if it is a major class, waitlist as soon as possible, DON’T CRASH!


3. You are going to get lost … a few times

It is perfectly fine, it is going to happen to either a transfer or a freshmen student, more freshmen than transfer ( sorry but the truth). Just remember where the LSU (Loker student union ) and the library is and you are going to perfectly fine. Also a tip, Go look for your classes maybe a couple of days beforehand, it will help you before more familiar with your classroom setting but more importantly the school itself. As I said before, we are a small school therefore you will get to know the campus quick


2. Read the Syllabus.

If the syllabus is available to you on aka BLACKBOARD: a servor that will direct you to a place where you will find all your class, documents, etc. Similar to except purely used for Academics. Look at your syllabus, be prepared to ask question or have question thrown at you to answer from the professor. Bonus points:  If you have read the syllabus, make it obvious to the teacher because It will show the you are a hardworker and the teacher look favorable to that.



This is probably the most important thing to know before going to CSUDH or anywhere as a matter of fact. People are going to like you as long as you are open to them and you are open to them about you. If you are worried about making friends, don’t worry you will.

On a personal note:  I come from San Diego area, so if you are nervous and need someone to talk to , don’t hesitate! But do realize that making friends is easy. =]  


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Jul 05 2014

sorry for the delay

My laptop broke on me and then I went on a hiatus because I am currently on vacation! I went to Yellowstone which is oh so amazing (which had no internet at all!) and I am going to be working on it tonight so don’t worry! Everything should be ready by tomorrow morning =] 

Remember Freshmen and transfer! I can help you with mostly any questions you have (especially transfers, because I am transfer student myself!)

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Jun 02 2014

TORO MONDAYS WEEK 1: The campus and parking lots

So this is a map of California state university, Dominguez Hills. I will be using this as my reference as I talk about the different parking lots and what building they are adjacent to. So if you think this map is a bit small (which I would probably think so,) then here is the link to the actual map

Parking Lot 3: So if you look at the map, You will find parking lot 3 in the top left corner on the map, it is adjacent to the building James L Welch Hall  number 23( aka Welch Hall), in this building, you will find the cashiers station, various offices including child development, career office, nursing etc. You will also which is very important for every student, the *drum roll please* the Financial aid office. If you are a freshmen, you will learn how important this office is, transfer students will somewhat hate the office because it can be complicated and current students already know the struggles. The Welch hall is also next to the Theater number 45 , this building can be important but unfortunately on this campus, it is not taken very seriously. 

Parking lot 6: this can be found right below Parking lot 3 (on the map). Once parked in parking Lot 6, Right in front of you will be the sculpture garden (between numbers 45 and 40). Next to the garden will be the Lacorte Hall (number 40) which is a 3 story building with the 1st floor accommodating art students with a gallery, studies and macs. The second floor, is for English, ESL and music majors (for the most part) and the 3rd floor accommodates professors and their offices.  

Parking Lot 2: This parking lot can be found upper right corner of the map. This particular parking lot is adjacent to the Small College complex’s. These are a series of college building that are used for various classes but there are a lot of building and offices around in that area anywhere from jump start building to Graduate studies offices to others. Also note, that there is Parking lot 1 Which is across from the entrance to the dorms, people can also park there when having classes at the small college complex, it is a little bit of a longer walk but its okay. 

Before getting to Parking Lot 7, there are the dorms (number 70-71), it is a place where people who live a lot further and cannot make a commute can stay for a certain price and will live with roommates. Many people consider this a way of obtaining your college experience. I will be having a special 2 part dorm Special later on in the summer

Parking Lot 7:  This is the other parking lot that is closest to the library (and is especially used during midterms and Finals). It is also the parking lot that is closest to South Academic Complex (or Sac number 100-104) . It is also the building that is closest to number 50 The science and mathematics building.  You can guess for the most part what this building is used for. 

will be able to finish the rest tomrorow which is just an explanation of the Loker student union (number 26), the library (number 20), the social and bevior building (number 30 and the Student Health center ( number 25)

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Jun 02 2014

I’MMM BACK!.. I think

So, I realize that I have been M.I.A very badly lately but it has been for a good reason I swear! ( I was on my own version of academic probation, but I ended up with a 3.33 for the semester so I am very proud of myself) 


So for the summer, I will be starting a series called TORO MONDAYS!  so basically the series will be about csudh (obviously) but a different aspect of it, like dorming, eating, activies around the school, places around the school, the campus itself.. etc. 

So I Hope you enjoy it! 

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Feb 17 2014

Don’t forget that THERE IS NO SCHOOL TODAY!

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Jan 21 2014


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Jan 02 2014

Anonymous said: Any tips for freshman? Like getting to know people and sororities?


That is the best tip I can give you! Honestly, the best way to get to know any people, sororities, clubs, anything like that, you have to put yourself out there. Every semester they have tabling for all of the organizations and sororities/fraternities and such, there is a perfect way to get to know them, they usually have social events as well. Go to events even if you don’t know anyone, it’s an opportunity for you to get to know someone! 

1.Go to tabling events, it is a perfect example of any org or people in general to be there and explain and want to help you before part of their org. 

2. Make plans with those same people, like if a particular organization is having a get together, go and see what the people are like. The best way to get to know people is to put yourself out there and get to know them. =] 

3. Get phone number and emails, It is a great way because you can randomly call them or text to see what they are doing. It is also a great way to have lunch, go watch a movie, go hang out with one another

4. get together for a study group! This is a great way because you are both succeeding in your studies and hanging out at the same time!

I hope this helps you out!

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Nov 05 2013

Tuesday November 5th, 2013 Events!

There is A LOT going on today so make sure to get the time and room number right!

11:30AM ASI Etiquette Lunch Ballroom A&B

1pm Hermanas Unidas General Body meeting LSU 3240325

4PM OSL Passport to leadership: Identity and Culture LSU 326-327

5pm Dining etiquette Workshop and Dinner Ballrom A &B 

- Side Note: this is a great opportunity for those of you in the business world when meeting/getting together with potential clients or even your future bosses! I would take this opportunity and use it to the fullest!

6:30pm Toro Productions Hip Hop Dance Ballroom B

7pm Hermanas Unidas Steering Retreat SCC 605

 7pm Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity General Meeting LSU 130 

Remember the best way to a great experience at CSUDH is to be involved and many of these organizations have other afflictions with other schools! 

Examples: LSBA (Latino student Business Assocation), Circle K International, Hermanas Unidas and many more!

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Nov 04 2013

Monday 11/4/2013 events~!

3pm-4pm Choosing a major, choosing a career Welch Hall D360

4pm-5pm Pre Health General society meeting LSU Ballroom A

4pm-5pm Toro Productions Meeting LSU 130 

Not a lot going on today but I am sure it will be a good day today! I hope everyone has a great day!

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Oct 29 2013

I kinda want to start a new blog

a blog of students.. and me asking them about their experiences so far. But I am not sure..

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